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Community Programs | Gallatin Valley Farmers' Market

Community Programs

Programs to Service the Community

  • Low Income Senior Citizens

The Bozeman Senior Center has written Senior Nutrition Special Project Grants to provide low income senior citizens with vouchers to purchase locally grown produce.   These vouchers can only be redeemed at the Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market.  To request vouchers, contact Emily at the Bozeman Senior Center at (406) 586-2421

  • EBT Food Stamps

The Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market now accepts food stamps to purchase produce, baked goods, honey, salsa, frozen meat and much more.   The customers need only to go to the market table and tell a worker how much they want to spend at the market  The worker then swipes the card and gives the customer tokens which they can redeem at a vendor with a poster stating they accept food stamps.  The rules as to what items can be purchased are the same as in any store.

  • Non-Profit

The Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market is committed to serving the needs of the community. All non-profits are allowed to have a space at the market for free.  The non-profit can sell raffle tickets or items, recruit volunteers or give out information on the programs.  Because this is a farmers’ market, we do not allow political or religious activities or promotions.

  • WIC

The GVFM is now accepting WIC nutrition vouchers to purchase locally grown produce.  People interested in participating need to contact the local WIC office at 582-3115 to sign up for the program.  The customer needs to look for a vendor with a sign showing they accept WIC vouchers.

If you need more information, please contact us.

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